Trend Alert – The Pocket Watch Has Become Fashionable Again


A certain tendency of fashion claims that a watch is nothing but an accessory which has to be changed according to the attire. Well, if the watch is something special, it may go to all apparel. One of the recent rediscoveries in the field of fashion is the pocket watch.

Considering that the first pocket watch may be traced back in the XVI the century in England, it has quite a history. It has been improved during all this time so that from the very heavy watch worn around the neck it evolved to real works of art. An invention which started as pure necessity; finished by amazing everyone through its artistry.

Most watches had paintings and even engravings. The cases took the most diverse shapes of refinement. They became real jewels and this is the way they are perceived nowadays as well. It is true that they ran out of fashion during the First World War because they were not extremely comfortable to be worn. But the new models are simply amazing.

One example would be the so called “chatelaine” style. Adorned with turquoises, it is a real piece of work. It has some chains which allow it to be caught on clothes and a special agraffe with the same purpose. The British pocket watches excel in what technology is concerned. But the French ones are known for their design. They are called “fantasy watches”, with different geometrical forms: bells, pears or bottles.

Another style is called “bassine”. The term described a squat sphere.  Most interesting models have been made from precious metals through different techniques: repousse, guilloche, engraving, polishing. They had been decorated with precious stones, pearls, colorful emails and gold with different hues.

Nowadays it is extremely fashionable to have such a watch in the pocket of the jacket. It is true that such a golden watch is not meant for daily wearing but its elegance and style would impress everyone around.

The fashion designers were so impressed by it that they included pocket watches in their collections, but they offered them more originality. Recently, in the summer autumn collection, a young designer chose pocket watches as pendants for the models who promoted her dresses.

 For instance, the beautiful ladies had to wear the elegant watches around their necks. Is it a way of reviving the past or simply a touch of originality? Maybe the Seiko watches know better how to answer these questions, since they have always tried to combine originality with tradition.


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