Thong Leotards – Commentary Sleepwear? Fashion Statement?


If you are reading this article, than you are probably looking for a thong leotard or are just interested in the fashion style. Myself, I am just a little puzzled by the thong leotard, as I don’t see many people sporting a thong leotard. The only time I would see it would be in a movie or at the local gym. But searching this topic on the internet I have found that this topic has a lot of activity.

Thong Leotards as sleepwear

Staying on the same line as thong leotards having a lot of activity on the internet, I ran into a question that kind of caught me by surprise. A man wrote into yahoo answers asking; is it wrong for a man to wear thong leotards to bed as sleepwear? Well, there is more to this story. It is not that he wants to do this but his girlfriend is requesting that he do this. Hmmm.. As a man, I would say that it may be a little gay???? But, maybe the girlfriend has another motive. Maybe she has a role playing thought in her head. Maybe she just like to look at him in his sleep. Maybe it just turns her on. I don’t know the answer to this but if a woman requests something like this in their own bedroom, I guess that it is ok, if a woman requests it. Now, if a man just says, well I feel more comfortable sleeping with a thong leotard on, that is just a little too questionable for me.

Thong Leotards as a fashion statement

I also read that in Germany the fashion is to wear a thong leotard under pants and no shirt. Once again I have never see this.. I kind of compare this to the style were body builders were sheer shirts or body tight shirts to clubs. Some things just don’t need to be worn. I mean.. Leotards as a fashion statement.. I just don’t see it. And what makes thong leotards the fashion statement. How about if they wore regular leotards, does that make it better? No.. Some fashion needs to stay where it was designed for, the gym not outside roaming. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with Germans and their fashions. I just choose to not follow the same trend.. That is me and only me.

Thong leotards, Are they needed?

Yes, there is a place for thong leotards. I don’t discount them for ballet leotards, dance leotards or for any other type of sport. I don’t even discount them as a fashion statement for women.

So, if you are looking for a pair of thong leotards for men, don’t get discouraged by my comments above. These are just my opinions on the subject. Men and women are free to wear what they like, I just wanted to sound off on my opinion on the subject.


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