Teaching Manners to Kids


It is never too early to teach kids about proper etiquette (or simply, good manners). If you have a four year old or five year old at home that’s causing all the ruckus when you’re dining out or simply enjoying the company of guests at home, teaching manners for kids is the solution you are looking for. This article focuses on the basics of proper etiquette for kids. Read, teach and apply yourself. Don’t forget to make the teaching fun!

Being polite at home

1. People should be considerate of other people’s feelings and thoughts.

2. As much as possible, one should learn to listen to what the other person is trying to explain before speaking.

3. Never open a closed door without knocking first.

4. Never explore an office or a pile of documents without asking permission from the owner.

5. A person’s mail, email, diary and other types of personal mementos and correspondences are strictly off-limits, unless the person wants you to read such items. People are always entitled to their privacy no matter what.

6. Avoid discussing family issues with friends and school mates. Those things are private, and your family is entitled to its privacy and peace.

7. Practice sharing with siblings and other members of the family; never fight over material things and privileges, such as watching the television or Internet surfing time. Video game equipment should also be shared equally among siblings; no exceptions.

Proper etiquette when using the telephone

1. When calling another person, give that person enough time to reach the ringing phone. Don’t hang up after three rings, thinking that the person is too busy.

2. If another person answers the phone, politely ask that person to inform the real recipient of your call that you are on the line.

3. If you dial the wrong telephone number, make sure that you apologize before hanging up the phone.

4. If you take a message for another member of the family, write it down and inform the recipient of the message as soon as he or she is available.

Good manners at the table

1. If the food is too far to reach yourself, don’t reach for it. Ask someone closer to the dish to pass the plate to you.

2. Never talk if your mouth is too full to make intelligible phrases. Swallow your food first before talking.

3. If you ate something too hot, do not simply spit it out on your plate. Get your glass of water and take a deep sip and deal with the hot food in your mouth.


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