Plus Size Fashion – No Longer a Contradiction


The enjoyable pastime of shopping for something special has generally been something to look forward to.

Unless of course you happen to fall outside of what the fashion industry considers normal. Normal in terms of size is something that is extremely debatable. This doesn’t stop fashion retailers playing it safe and manufacturing clothes to fit the majority. (My own opinion is that because it’s the majority, that doesn’t equate to normal!)

So that’s okay then. Well erm… it’s not actually. By playing it safe and manufacturing clothes in a relatively narrow range of sizes, retailers have alienated a huge proportion of the population.

If you happen to be taller or smaller than average, or wider or thinner than average, then the supposed enjoyable pastime of shopping lost its sparkle the very first time you tried to buy mainstream fashion.

How many slightly tall men and women have tried on trousers or skirts that are the longest length made, yet still just too short. Or sleeves that fall too short, or trousers and skirts that are just too long.

Lets face it, unless you’re a small medium or large, you’re gonna struggle. Or are you?

There was a time and it wasn’t so long ago that this was an acceptable problem, but not anymore.

Because of the Internet, shopping for larger, thinner, taller and smaller clothes is a whole lot easier than it once was. Plus fashion, outsize fashion, extra tall, extra small, call it what you will but there are now some brilliant retailers who cater for all of the above and without the premium price tag their rare high street counterparts once had. The creation of plus fashion clothes is no longer a novelty for a minority not worth investing in. Today, the market for plus fashion clothes is huge and thankfully some very switched on retailers are filling the void.

So great is the impact of the Internet, that it’s now possible to create an entire business empire dedicated to absolutely anything, without the huge start up costs or the costs of having a high street presence in record time.

There are now enough retailers catering for taller, smaller, thinner and wider markets for them to no longer be considered a niche and to their credit, they’re even fashionable.

Whatever your size, go forth and shop!


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