Magnetic Earrings – Great For Those Who Don’t Like Piercings


If you are unable to get your ears pierced, or if you just wish not to get them pierced, a fantastic alternative is wearing magnetic earrings. As they become more and more popular, designers are coming up with an even wider array of designs.

When the idea first started, it was mostly simple styles like studs and small shapes. While these are still popular and convenient styles, there are many more choices. For example, you can find magnetic earrings with gem stones, cubic zirconia, and even dangling pieces. There are some great jewelry designers on the Internet that offer a range of options-a couple web sites to check out that showcase various exquisite sellers include and

As an easy way to spruce up any outfit, and with so many designs to choose from, who can resist a great pair of magnetic earrings?

Even better, you can put your ideas and skill to work and make a pair yourself-how cool, unique, and cost-effective! If this sounds like a good idea, but you are not sure where to start, here is a quick beginner’s guide to creating a great pair of magnetic earrings:

1. Search for inspiration-magazines, blogs, photographs, etc.

2. Head to your local craft store, with your imagination in full swing.

3. Seek out the jewelry section and get ready to have a ball.

4. Decide which jewelry magnets you would like to use. The most common shape (and usually the easiest shape to work with) to use as a base is the circular magnet. Also, be sure to purchase pieces that are of high quality and good strength. Ask a sales associate for help and suggestions if you have questions.

5. Decide what kind of adornments/style you would like to your earrings to have.

6. Decide what kind of adhesive you will use-for earrings, many crafters use super glue or super strength jewelry glue, both which can be found at your local craft store.

7. Make sure you are happy with your decisions, and head to the checkout counter to make your purchase.

8. Head home and start creating!

If you buy enough supplies to make a bunch of earrings while you are in your crafty mood, you can stock up and make earrings for different occasions. You might even keep a few pairs stored for those times when you forget a friend’s birthday (not that you would ever do that), want to cheer a friend up, or to give away just because.

Most importantly, have fun whether you save time and purchase pre-made earrings or decide to go the do-it-yourself route.


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