Koss Pro4AAT Titanium Pro Headphones Review


KOSS is one of the most trusted names in the headphone industry. That is in no small part due to the fact that they offer a lifetime guarantee on all of the headphones they sell. Even if your 10 year old headphones stop working, KOSS will replace them with the same or a similar model if your model is no longer being produced. An acquaintance of mine recently received a pair of KOSS Pro4AAT Titanium pro headphones as a replacement pair for a discontinued model from many years ago. His reaction to the Pro4AAT headphones was telling. He was highly impressed with the advancements in technology and workmanship evident in his new pair.

This pair of headphones is designed with maximum durability in mind, keeping with the company’s lifetime warranty policy. But at the same time, they are very light, a big improvement over the heavy headphones of old. This facilitates easy use in the studio, because you can wear the headphones for long periods and stil maintain your comfort. They can get a little hot in the warmer season, but that’s the case with all over the ear headphones. Beyond durability and craftsmanship, these headphones simply look great. That may not matter to you, but if you’re a live dj who has to think of his image, or whether you just like cool fashionable gear, these headphones add to your appearance and your musician avatar.

Another great aspect of the Pro4AAT headphones is that they are noise isolating. These days we hear so much about noise-cancelling headphones, which can be useful, but noise cancellation also lowers sound quality to a certain extent. Noise isolation on the other hand, simply holds the music inside, and doesn’t process the sound in order to remove certain elements. Therefore you get a very full, detailed, and rich sound that lets you pick up on all the different elements of the music, maybe even some elements you’re not supposed to notice.

KOSS is the company the created headphones. Their long-standing reputation and old-fashioned commitment to quality and reputation rather than gimmicky marketing, always make KOSS a good option. If you need a great studio quality headphone that is both comfortable and affordable, the Koss Pro4AAT Titanium Pro headphones make a great choice.


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