How to Give Cash As a Gift


Giving cash as a gift is very appropriate and traditional for some types of celebrations. Weddings are one such example. A young couple will need money to purchase everything needed for a new home.

Knowing how to give cash as a gift is very important. Following the etiquette will turn your gift into something desired and appreciated. Cash gifts are somehow tricky and you will have to do some thinking and planning in advance.

Many people feel uncertain about the specifics and etiquette of giving cash as a gift. Being able to make the best decision about it and to follow the etiquette through is very important.

Talk to Other Guests

Deciding on the amount to give is the first step you will have to complete. Will your give be too insignificant or too generous?

Think about the relationship you have with the person or the couple that will be receiving the gift. In the case of a dear and loved friend, you can consider a larger summer. If a very good friend is getting married, you can provide a sum varying between $200 and $300.

Still feeling uncertain? Talk to other guests who will be attending the party. Make a small survey and find out how much others are planning to give. Providing anything within the same range will be appropriate.

Choose an Envelope

The fact that you are providing a cash gift does not signify you should neglect the wrap and the beauty of your present. Choose the envelope carefully. Many party supply stores make envelopes that are suitable for weddings, graduation parties and other major events.

Pick an envelope that looks classy and that corresponds to the type of the event. White and beige envelops are best for a wedding. They can come with a beautiful ribbon or with flower decorations.

Red envelopes will be appropriate for Asian parties. Choose something that will help you stick to traditions and that will look stylish. Custom-made envelopes show even more attention to details.

Add a Card

You should always include a card alongside the cash in the envelope. The person or couple needs to know who the gift-giver is. In addition, banknotes are too impersonal and sterile. The envelope and the card will provide hints about your character.

Choose a card that corresponds to the type of the event. Instead of relying on the message that is printed inside, write something that comes straight from the heart. Congratulate the couple that is getting married and wish them all the best.

When to Give Cash as a Gift?

Many people feel uncertain about cash gifts. Is it appropriate? Could it offend the person or people receiving the gift?

In case of uncertainty, it will always be wiser to ask in advance. If a dear friend is getting married, you can confidently inquire about preferred types of gifts. Getting a confirmation that your loved one prefers cash will make you feel more confident about your selection.

Cash gifts will be better than a needless item. If the person or couple is not registered in any store, you can confidently provide cash as a gift. Your cash gift is certain to make a loved one happy. Add a personal note to increase the emotional value of your present. Be considerate about it and you can never go wrong.


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