Feminism and Pregnancy Lead to More Trendy Maternity Clothes


Becoming pregnant is one of the greatest joys in any woman’s life. We should all be proud to have such a blessing bestowed on each of us. Some women wish their whole lives for a pregnancy, while others happily discover an unexpected one. No matter when or how a pregnancy comes upon you, it is a blessing. Soon your body will start to change, and you will get that beautiful baby bump. The market of maternity clothing has existed since the middle ages to cater to pregnant women’s needs, but what about trendy maternity clothing?

Women can become pregnant at a variety of ages, but it is true that many of us are young and do not want to give up our fashionable, trendy clothes for frumpy maternity wear. For most of the twentieth century, people considered maternity to be a fashion dead zone that pregnant women had to just give up and wear ugly clothes for nine months. But this doesn’t need to be the case. Women at any point in their pregnancy deserve to have access to trendy maternity clothing.

This idea that maternity clothing was ugly and temporary changed in the 1990s. But why? What changed was the focus that was given to celebrity pregnancies. Before the 1990s, maternity garment’s were seen as something women would buy, wear for a few months, and then throw away. However, in the 1990’s, fashion greats such as Marks & Spencer stated that pregnant women were now working, traveling, and going to the gym, and so they needed to have a variety of trendy maternity clothes to fit their needs.

Another major change happened during the 1990s. The United States President Bill Clinton passed the Family and Medical Leave Act. This law meant that more women could continue working during their pregnancies. This is turn meant that more women were interested in wearing trendy maternity clothes during their pregnancies.

Because women could continue to work during their pregnancies, the maternity garment industry had to change its focus. In the past, in the early twentieth century, the focus of most pregnant women was to hide their baby bump. They wanted to disguise what was happened to them and so had to wear large, flowy, unflattering and unfashionable maternity garments.

However, once women became proud of their pregnancies and were able to stay in the workforce, they stopped trying to hide their pregnancy and instead looked for trendy maternity clothes. Today there are many fashion designers and beautiful brands selling trendy maternity garment. From the very luxurious to the cheap and affordable, trendy maternity garments are everywhere.

All women deserve to look beautiful at every point in their life. If you are young, old, middle aged, or elderly, every woman is stunning and should wear clothes and show off all of her best assets. When we are pregnant, we are no less beautiful and deserve to wear trendy maternity clothes and show off how proud we are of the new life growing inside of us. So get out there and buy some trendy maternity clothes for yourself today!

Maternity clothes used to be considered a fashion backwater but since the end of the twentieth century, cultural and legal changes have made women proud to show of their baby bellies by wearing trendy maternity garments.


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