Do You Have Washroom Etiquette?


Yes, my dear fashion freaks, I am talking about manners and etiquette that every girl should have while using washroom, especially at work place. I drink at least 4-5 bottles of water during office hours and that makes me a regular visitor of the office restroom. I am really sorry to say but my female co-workers are big time fail when it comes to bathroom manners. I don’t understand how they manage to climb on the shit pot and dirty it with their shoes. How they never feel like at least splashing a mug on the dirty rim with their precious drops, or cover the stained sanitary napkin before dumping it. I wish all the colleagues at my work place read this article and try these snappy tips. A little consciousness and effort can make you a better lady, come on girls you can do it!

Flush it off:

No matter how short your task was, please flush it off completely. No one is interested to see those little surprises or whatever you have dumped. It can make others feel pissed off. So, always make sure everything went down completely before you leave.

Use Dust Bins:

The tiny basket lying there is for your cotton, tissue papers and sanitary napkins. Never linger your crap on floor or sink counter. Darling! No one loves your trash. So, make proper use of the dust bin and be a courteous lady. I am sure you as well as others will feel good.

No chit chats or phone calls:

I hate those girls who find it the best place to discuss in washroom. Take care of your colleague who is standing out of the bathroom and is dying to pee. Your phone call or stupid gossip is not that important.

Don’t linger your hair:

Your filthy strands on sink can make a person like me puke. I swear I hate restrooms with hair littered everywhere, of course you also hate it. So, why to give someone, a bad experience like this. It’s not that difficult to clean your comb like a civilized lady.

Wash your hands:

You should always wash your hands after you are done. A washroom is a budding place for germs and other harmful bacteria. Imagine, the girl who sits next to your seat just came from the bathroom without washing her hands. Eww… and she is touching her water bottle, she is eating or even touching you with her filthy hands. If you are scared of this scene, why make people hate you or tag you as unhygienic!

Try to follow these very easy rules in your life and give a better impression on others.


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