Denim Skirt – Always in Fashion


When it comes to fashion, denim is one of the most popular styles for both guys and gals. Despite the huge popularity of jeans, the denim skirt has continued to maintain its place as a popular clothes item and, with celebrities such as Heidi Montag, Sienna Miller and Lily Allen rocking the look, the style essential has become a must-have item for ladies worldwide.

it has been around for years and continues to be a fashion staple in many a girl’s wardrobe. From full-length to little more than a large belt, styles vary enormously and provide a range of looks to wear throughout the seasons.

For the winter months, you might think a longer length skirt is the way to go – but they’re really not that fashionable and full skirts have a habit of getting caught in puddles. Instead, a short denim skirt is perfect for winter with some quirky colored tights (or plain black, if you’re not feeling quite so brave) and some knee-high boots. It’s funky and fashionable, and you could always swap the tights for some leggings if temperatures are heading way into negative figures. A chunky jumper or even a little tee with a cute jacket over the top sets off the outfit perfectly.

For those hot summer days, the denim skirt is also your perfect companion. Looking great with a vest top, it also looks fabulous with a bikini top if you’re heading down to the beach and goes with pretty much every color and pattern you can think of. Denim skirts go brilliantly with both sandals and high heels, meaning a quick change of footwear gets you ready for a night out.

When it comes to style, denim skirts have to be one of the most versatile items out there. Different dyes give them individual looks, and whether they’re hemmed or cut-off gives them a whole different feel. Lots have cute details on the back pockets to liven them up, which is easy to replicate yourself with some diamante stick-ons. Something really simple like adding a beaded or western-style belt to your denim skirt can totally transform its look. Get yourself out there and choose the denim skirt that is right just for you! Take the time and effort needed to find the perfect one and believe me you will not be disappointed one bit!


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