An Overview of Street Fashion


Street fashion is the type of fashion that has been influenced by the public. It is naturally associated with the cultural or traditional ways of the people. The cultural ways are more affiliated with the youth. These are often seen in the urban parts of the country, and are mostly adopted by society’s young members. The stylish manner by which the young people dress is often seen in the pages of national and international magazines, as well as the latest newsletters in the area. At the moment, the Japanese street wear is the most diverse look among all the fashions in the world. It was successful in maintaining numerous coexisting fashion outlooks that have appealing diversity in its styles. Every culture’s street fashion is not usually suitable to the society’s mainstream fashion. The subcultures of every region are, somehow, interrelated.

The Outwear that is Part of Street Fashion

A number of particular items of a person’s outwear that are considered part of this fashion belong to different categories, as follows:


In this category, t-shirts are paired with very long hair. They consist of floral prints and psychedelic images. The trousers come with a flare shape.

Teddy Boys

This category specializes in drape jackets paired with drainpipe-shaped trousers. Crepe shoes add essence and complete the Teddy Boy outlook.


The name Skinheads is just appropriate with this type of outlook. This is characterized by short, cropped hair and skin-tight fitting jeans. Ben Sherman shirts that are buttoned-up add more diversity. Companies that manufacture this type of stylish items have let their products become part of the street fashion. Some of the popular brands that produce Skinheads are Dr. Martens boots, Fred Perry polo shirts and Harrington jackets.

Punk Fashion

This type of street trend is somewhat weird with its choices. It is made of shirts that have offensive T-shirt slogans printed all over them. This fashion is also characterized by bandages, ripped clothes, safety pins and unusual Mohican hairstyles.

Gothic Fashion

This outlook type is distinct with its dominant black color. It consists of dark makeup, big boots and heavy coats.

Hipster Style

This is a funky kind of style since this is all about beanies, jeans, colored glasses, ties and sneakers. Hipsters also wear suspenders to add more tone to their look.


This kind of subculture fashion consists of items that are often seen in old action serial shows and movies. These include cowboy boots, Levis 502 jeans, leather jackets, sunglasses and hair gel.

What Magazines Offer

Fashion magazines are about the garments and clothes to the common people. For those who are obsessed with beauty, the little extras are just as important. These include hair, makeup and all the accessories that add to the glamour of a person’s look. This is especially true with regards to street fashion. Our eyes will stay glued on the diversity that is available. People always look out for the images of models, off-cam. Spectators try to get the info they need when it comes to the latest style trends.


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