2009 Fashion Trends I Wish Would Disappear in 2010


Alright, I’m not a fashion hater. In fact, I love fashion and I myself have rocked each and every trend listed below. However, it’s time to mix things up for the upcoming New Year. I’m not sure how much longer I can handle the long flannel shirts with ripped stockings and over-the-knee boots look. My grandma keeps telling me I look homeless.


I’m not sure if its comfort or irony that keeps flannel coming back into the fashion world. But seriously, flannel is not nor will it ever be fashionable in my opinion. It will always be blue collar working man staple item that it not meant for the runways.


Okay I’m fully aware that being skinny will always be fashionable. Thin always looks better than fat, but 2009 has taken it to a new level. I seriously can’t take it much longer; I’m starting to get really hungry.

Ripped Stockings

Since when does looking like a common streetwalker constitute fashion? Ripped stockings are by far the trashiest fashion trend of 2009. Come on ladies, they make you look homeless and easy, enough already.

Over-The-Knee Boots

Seriously, what’s with all the prostitute-chic fashion trends of 2009? Wearing really high black boots in place of pants certainly doesn’t equate to elegance or fashionable in my mind.

Dirty Hair

Have you noticed that all the hipster chicks have ceased hair washing? All I ever see now is long, stringy, slightly wavy hair these days. What happened to shiny, glossy locks? I can’t wait until this trend is dead, it looks smelly.


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